Sunday, June 16, 2013

Superman in Raleigh, NC

Hello all!  I hope you all have had a good weekend.  This is the big weekend for the reboot of the Superman franchise with "Man of Steel".  I just came back from seeing it and will review it in a later post.

With Superman out this weekend and Ironman 3 a few weeks ago, I have changed a sign that I usually post at the open air market from this

to this

With that in mind, I drew a special piece to kick it off.  Last weekend, as I mentioned in a prior post was HeroesCon in Charlotte.  At the same time in the same convention center was the NC State Republican convention.  This was attended my many high profile members of the GOP including the governor of the state, Pat McCrory.

I have two rules here.  I don't discuss politics, and I don't discuss religion.  That being said, I will bend the first rule a little.  Governor McCrory was in Wilkesboro this Saturday, so my special piece was in his honor.

After his speech, he had a brief meet and greet at which point I was able to present him with the picture.  Pat had a good laugh and signed the piece for me.  Is it my best piece?  No.  But I like the shadowing on the tie, and it is the only piece I have signed by a sitting governor of a state in the US.

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