Tuesday, January 8, 2013

003: Waiting (special)

This is the special edition I promised:

I was cleaning up my Studio / Workshop / Computer Repair Bench / Bedroom / Media Center and came across this picture.  This was from a few years back at work.  One weekend a coworker helped me move some items I had purchased that couldn't fit in my car.  He held onto several of them in his truck so that I could get them from him Monday morning.  Included in these items were some lattice work.  Monday morning I came to work only to find my cube blocked off like a cage by the lattice work with the above sign.  Thanks Jeff!.

And now a couple of quick shout outs on the cameos.  Several months ago I mentioned that if you replied I would include you in today's strip.  I was able to include some of you, more will come soon.  

Fozzie "Little John" Bear is for you John.  Sure, I should have used Sweet'ums but I like bears.

Mike (Hobbes) the Tiger is for Jenn.  What is Mike reading?  Funny you should ask.  That is a copy of Vial 023: A Father's Pursuit of Justice by Gary Cross.  I hope Brad would have liked it.

Finally, Marc from Capes-n-Babes GOT his coffee.  Check out his comic at http://www.capesnbabes.com/.

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