Tuesday, January 15, 2013

004: Bugsy

Introducing Bugsy.  We'll see Bugsy in the next strip, for now he's rooting around in the trash.
As for me, right now I'm still trying to recover a lot of my tools from switching PCs and operating systems.  Bru is still evolving, and so is my style so bear with me as I continue to mold him.

While continuing to clean, I also ran across this little gem:

This was from last year's Heroes Con in Charlotte.  I had this big plan to get a bunch of buttons made after I met the people at Frank Comics.  I only got as far as getting Chris from Capes N Babes and Nick from Think Weasel to draw for me.  Next year!

So go check out Frank Comics - Read Mr. Waffle while you are there.
Of course, go check out Capes n Babes
And then go check out Think Weasel

Speaking of Heroes Con, this weekend is Charlotte Minicon!  This will be my first year attending, maybe next year I'll have a booth.  For now I'll be walking around with business cards and art cards and spending money I can't afford to spend.

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