Friday, October 18, 2013

New Art Cards, a contest,and NEWS!

New Art

There hasn't been a lot of art lately, so here are four, count 'em FOUR, new art cards.  With Halloween around the corner, it was time for Bru to put on the ol' costume.  Let me know which one you like in the comments below:



Two contests, to be precise! 1 here and 1 on Facebook
The prize: 1 signed 8 x 10 print of all 4 art cards above AND a special SUPER-VILLAIN Bruin art card.
How to win the first contest:  In the comments below vote for your favorite card from the ones above.  You can vote only once.  If I get TWENTY FIVE votes or more before October 31, I will randomly select a name. I must be able to contact you via email and get a valid mailing address my November 2.
How to win the second contest: Follow Coffee Bruin on Facebook (  Encourage your friends and family to follow and LIKE Coffee Bruin on Facebook.  I am currently at 67 friends.  When I hit 100 friends I will go through ALL of the names and randomly select a name.
Really, this couldn't be easier... Share the Bear!  Win a Print!


I have lots of news so I'll keep it brief and share it (and more art) through out the next few weeks.

The Wilkesboro Open Air Market has its final day TODAY October 18.  Phyllis and I will be out there so please come join us one last time.

But don't worry, Coffee Bruin Studios is back in action NEXT WEEK at the new Benton Hall Artisan Market!  This is Wilkes County's regional indoor market. It runs every Saturday from 9:00am  til 1:00pm.

Wilkes Minicon is now officially Happening.  For more information, please check out
You might also note that it is a WordPress site.  That means THIS site is very close to migration to WordPress and then ComicPress.

Hickory Comic Con wrap up / Morganton Comic Con coming soon.  Yeah... I really DO have a lot to say about this and a lot of pictures to share, but that will have to wait.  Next post

Jay and Eddie's Comic Book Show really needs it's own blog post.  Hell they need their own website.  And store.  I did their show this Spring it was my first solo show as an artist and it was AMAZING.  The guys are back  November 23rd.  I'm going to be there.  You should be there.  Really, YOU SHOULD BE THERE.
Whew, that was a lot.  To recap:

  1. Artcards
  2. Contests ("You like me! You, really, really like me! Right? Please?")
  3. Open Air Market finished - moving to Benton Hall
  4. Check out
  5. Even more con news

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