Tuesday, January 22, 2013

005: Snow

Thanks for sticking around.  Here's a little bonus content.  This is my cat, Wibs.  I used to bring an urn of coffee to work every day for my team, until...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

004: Bugsy

Introducing Bugsy.  We'll see Bugsy in the next strip, for now he's rooting around in the trash.
As for me, right now I'm still trying to recover a lot of my tools from switching PCs and operating systems.  Bru is still evolving, and so is my style so bear with me as I continue to mold him.

While continuing to clean, I also ran across this little gem:

This was from last year's Heroes Con in Charlotte.  I had this big plan to get a bunch of buttons made after I met the people at Frank Comics.  I only got as far as getting Chris from Capes N Babes and Nick from Think Weasel to draw for me.  Next year!

So go check out Frank Comics - Read Mr. Waffle while you are there.
Of course, go check out Capes n Babes
And then go check out Think Weasel

Speaking of Heroes Con, this weekend is Charlotte Minicon!  This will be my first year attending, maybe next year I'll have a booth.  For now I'll be walking around with business cards and art cards and spending money I can't afford to spend.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Angry Bear and the Do-it-yourself All-purpose Computer Repair Kit

Okay folks, here's a quick post to let everyone know that I'm not dead.  We had some system issues here.  One old PC resurrected and an installation of Ubuntu later and I'm back up.  Friday's comic has been delayed until Tuesday.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

003: Waiting (special)

This is the special edition I promised:

I was cleaning up my Studio / Workshop / Computer Repair Bench / Bedroom / Media Center and came across this picture.  This was from a few years back at work.  One weekend a coworker helped me move some items I had purchased that couldn't fit in my car.  He held onto several of them in his truck so that I could get them from him Monday morning.  Included in these items were some lattice work.  Monday morning I came to work only to find my cube blocked off like a cage by the lattice work with the above sign.  Thanks Jeff!.

And now a couple of quick shout outs on the cameos.  Several months ago I mentioned that if you replied I would include you in today's strip.  I was able to include some of you, more will come soon.  

Fozzie "Little John" Bear is for you John.  Sure, I should have used Sweet'ums but I like bears.

Mike (Hobbes) the Tiger is for Jenn.  What is Mike reading?  Funny you should ask.  That is a copy of Vial 023: A Father's Pursuit of Justice by Gary Cross.  I hope Brad would have liked it.

Finally, Marc from Capes-n-Babes GOT his coffee.  Check out his comic at http://www.capesnbabes.com/.

Friday, January 4, 2013

002: Turtle Latte

Welcome back!

I freely admit, this was not the strip I had originally planned to run today.  This one is better.  As you can see, I'm still finding my style a little here.  I'm mixing media a little: water color, ink, colored pencil, and some coloring on the computer.  I REALLY like how the water color looks here, but I leave that for you to judge.

More strips next week!

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

001: Welcome to Coffee Bruin

Welcome one and all to Coffee Bruin! This is the first official strip, and with it are a lot of special thank yous:

  • To Nick and Angela and Chris who have inspired me and encouraged me to start this
  • To Scottie and Kelly who are helping with the resources
  • To the whole gang at Sky Mountain Coffee who let me draw, gave me constructive criticism, and the occasional free cup of coffee
  • To my wife who has put up with this strange mania for several years now
  • and to YOU, for reading

Coffee Bruin updates every Tuesday and Friday... See you Friday!